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  • Music Report by Anonymous
    Creative Music Skills Written Commentary for final composition. For my final piece I decided to compose a minimalism piece. My piece is in the Key of D and continually throughout the song it uses the additive and cyclic p…

  • Musical Timeline by Anonymous
    Music is all around us. You hear music walking in a store, driving in your car or on television. Out of all the types of music there are many people that sing them. Music is very popular and we never wondered how it all began. Mu…

  • Online Tv Case by Anonymous
    Online TV Case Report Introduction This case report attempts to identify various emerging issues in the television industry that have come up due to the advent of online broadcasting. It discusses various legal and illegal iss…

  • Rap Music by Anonymous
    Rap music is a very large part of American culture today. Many people argue the negative effects that such music has had on society while others argue that hip-hop music and culture simply expresses the challenges that African Am…

  • Violence In Music by Anonymous
    Music Video’s and Their Effect on Teens In today’s culture people are influenced by more than just their friends and family. The problem being discussed is that music videos send a message that it is ok to live as a thug and …

  • Violence in Video games by Anonymous
    Are video games too violent for children? Scientists and parents alike have frequently asked the question. Is there a real, fact-based answer for this? I believe this, in excess, video games can be bad for you, but not just for ch…

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