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  • Search by Anonymous
    Why Esther is One of the Great Women of the Bible In the modern world, we often feel that we are on the vanguard of the emerging role of women in business, economics, and politics. But powerful women have always been a part of h…

  • Shannans Biographies by Anonymous
    My name is Shannan Rhoades, I am thirty three years old. I have two real brothers, and three step-brothers. I have been a server off and on for seventeen years. I moved to Arizona when I was four years old, from California. I am m…

  • Stoic Pantheism by Anonymous
    3. Explain and evaluate some of the Stoics’ arguments for pantheism. How are we to interpret these arguments? How plausible is their view? Is it more plausible than Plato’s version of the claim that the visible world is a livi…

  • sustainability (cotton) by Anonymous
    The potential impacts of climate change on the productivity of Australia’s agriculture sector will have direct effects on the size and profitability of farming, and indirect effects on the rest of the economy, particularly on re…

  • Swot Amd by Anonymous
    Swot analysis of intel Publication: Business Wire Date: Monday, August 18 2008 DUBLIN, Ireland — Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/75d40e/intel_corporation) has announced the addition of the “Int…

  • Tender Is The Night By F. Scott Fitzgerald by Anonymous
    Tender is the Night F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered to be the author of the Jazz Age, a period marked by decadence and the pursuit of pleasure of the wealthy in stark contrast to the Great Depression occurring in the United St…

  • The Apostle Paul by Anonymous
    The apostle Paul is a highly regarded individual in the Christian faith. He is one of the greatest Christian leaders of history. Many people today look at him as an encouragement because of the many hardships and trials he faced…

  • The Assassination Of Malcolm X by Anonymous
    On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated after delivering a speech to the Organisation (the spelling used by the group) of African-American Unity. Four men were involved in the assassination, but only one was convicted: T…

  • The Chimney Sweeper by Anonymous
    Characters Framton Nuttel’s sister Framton Nuttel’s sister once spent time in the same town to which Framton has come for relaxation. She has given him a number of letters of Introduction with which he is to make himself kno…

  • The develpoment of Delta Force by Anonymous
    Delta Force During the 1970’s the United States became the favorite whipping boy for any terrorist group that was worthy of bearing the name. They had realized that American interests throughout the world could be struck at…

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