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The Sitcom With The Answers To Womanhood

The Golden Girls
The Sitcom with the Answers to Womanhood

A sense of humor and a smile goes a long way. People who are funny and pleasant from day to day are more approachable than those who are not. Although there is a time and a place for everything, humor represents one’s ability to let go and be carefree, if only for a moment. Humor on the radio, in movies and even the news sets a welcoming atmosphere and allows those who may be feeling down, to cheer up. The one genre of entertainment which needs to hone in on this comical aspect are sitcoms. These shows mock daily life and allow people to experience serious issues in a funny way. The one sitcom which pokes fun at the common situations women face as they get older is The Golden Girls. Although the jokes are outdated, The Golden Girls is an appropriate sitcom for women because the characters are positive role models and the episodes explore social and familial relationships. Both of these aspects educate women on how to deal with growing older.
The Golden Girls is a situation comedy which opens up the floodgates to all the drama and all the upsets older women handle in their daily lives. Sitcoms were originally aired on radio before they moved to television. This form of comedy is called a “situation comedy” to differentiate it from other comedies that were on the rise. A sitcom has a very consistent story line. Although the episodes vary from day to day the setting of the show and the main characters always stays the same. In The Golden Girls, there are four main women who are best friends with one mother and daughter relationship. They share a house in Miami while going through relationship problems and weight loss issues.
What   rarely changes is the way these four women interact with each other. Their differences prove to be the greatest things they have in common. Sophia, the elderly, spit fire of a woman is forever stuck in her old Sicilian ways where parents hit their kids and pregnant women did…

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