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1950's Show Vs New Tv Show

1. Describe the 1950s show you watched. What happened during the program? Who were the main characters? Describe the characters and the type of lives they lived. Describe their race/ethnic background, age and gender (all of these as best you can tell).

Carnation is a comedy show in 1950s hosted by George Burns and Gracie Allen . The show begins with George Burns who is presented as a pontificating comedian with his cigar who narritates storys of each episode on stage and having humours dialogue between him and the audience only, as a way of “Breaking the Ice”, alllowing him to enter the audiences comfort zone.   In addition some times reflecting on Gracie‘s snafu attitude on the short scenes. All the scenes happen in one room, in a house that is located on the centre stage which   is complimented by one door in the front and a small garden. The comedian makes some comments on whats happened in that house at the start of each show as he narratates the topic of each show, and some times, gets involved with the actors in the scene’s. Burns and Allen are the main two characters on the show each of them has different characters and they appear in every series in the show. Burns seems to be the meaningful , serious and strong personal man with the humorous intellect. Allen has a different persona, complide to that of the co host Burns, she seems silly but confident, that she can make the right choice. Then there are the minor actors each of them comes only for one scence and they might be changed. The kind of lives, these people live seem to be the steriotipical perfect married life of to days world societies. However it seems like in 1950’s era this themed idea of a perefect marriage was no miss conception. The man gose to work out side and the woman prepares the food and takes care of the her house, which is obvious from the dressing style and body language presented by the character Allen in each show ; the man like the average husband employee and the woman like a…

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