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ACC 200 ‘   Section 2
Spring 2009

Marianne Bradford, Ph.D., C.P.A.
Associate Professor
Department of Accounting
Office: Nelson 3114
Email: (please do not email me through Blackboard Vista tool)

Office Hours: Tuesday 1-5 pm and by appointment

Class Schedule: MW   1:30-2:45, Nelson 3400    

Class and Lab Blackboard Vista Pages:   (login required for both)

Course Objectives
This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of managerial accounting concepts and procedures.   Students will analyze accounting data that are useful in managerial decision making and in the control and evaluation of the decisions made within business organizations.   In addition, students are provided a brief overview of key financial accounting and tax concepts. Specific chapter by chapter objectives can be found in the ACC 200 course pack.

Prerequisites: None

Textbook and Other Materials
    • Managerial Accounting: A Focus on Ethical Decision Making, Fourth Edition (2008), (REQUIRED),   Steve Jackson, Roby Sawyers, and Greg Jenkins, Thomson South-Western, $178.15 (new at NC State bookstore), $133.65 (used at NC State bookstore) (ISBN 978-0-324-65064-8). You can also purchase a loose-leaf version of the text (with just the chapters we will cover) at the NC State bookstore for $87.50.
    • ACC 200 Course Pack (REQUIRED).   May be downloaded from the ACC 200 Vista page or purchased from Sir Speedy Printing (2526 Hillsborough St) for $6.30 plus tax.
    • Non-programmable (non-graphing) calculator (REQUIRED).   Note that the only approved calculator for accounting exams and finals is the HP 10BII Financial Calculator. Other calculators must be approved by me before the exam. Cell phones can not be used as calculators for exams and finals. If I see you using a cell phone or other calculator on an exam, you will automatically receive a grade of zero on the exam.

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