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Basics Of Scuba Diving

Basics of Scuba Diving:
Have you experienced the underwater world or thought how thrilling it might be?
Scuba diving is simply swimming underwater using SCUBA, which is Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Scuba diving is a popular water sport so popular that over 1 million people become certified scuba divers worldwide every year. It involves putting a heavy tank full of compressed air on your back and diving into deep water with a tiny rubber tube being the only thing that keeps you alive. Scuba diving is easy to learn and all its basic skills can be learned in 3 days.
Who can scuba dive and how fit and healthy should the individual be?
The individual doesn’t need to be an Olympic athlete, but he should be in good overall health. There are some conditions that may prevent him from diving and the person will need to pass some basic water skills test. Anyone can dive starting from the age of 8 years and up unless he suffers from health problems such as heart disease that restrict him from doing so. Being physically handicapped was never an issue that prevented the person from diving as there are specialized instructors for such cases. There are also mental considerations. A diver should not panic while diving for an important reason which is being responsible for a buddy that always sticks to him while diving and might get in trouble. The diver will be the only one to help him by calling the dive master. If he panics his buddy might not get help and a life might be lost.
Getting started:
One should look for the right place to learn and buy or rent the right gear. The scuba diving gear consists of a mask, fins, boots, a buoyancy compensation, a regulator, a console, wet suit and an air tank. The person can learn to dive almost anywhere in the world, so this will usually depend on where he lives and where he spends his vacations. In general one must learn in a certified diving center, with a certified instructor. When one starts the courses he will be…

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