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Adventurous Sports

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is the arena of the adventurous, a constantly increasing tribe. Steep rocky cliffs and mountain sides offer much to explore and conquer to those with an inclination towards the sport.
How: Often seen as the first stage for mountain climbing, it is the most basic level of climbing a rock face. Hand and feet do most of the work, but safety equipment like ropes, body harness, friends (cramming devices that contract to the pulling of a trigger and are wedged in the crevices) and nuts (metal wedges of different sizes) are essential. A physically exhausting sport, rock climbing is also one of the most challenging.
When: The best time for participating in rock climbing is March to April.

Where: India has a host of places that support rock climbing. The Manali valley in Himachal Pradesh is an excellent place for rock climbing tours. Adventure Hills offers courses in this sport by trained and qualified instructors. Rock climbing uses a minimum of aids and the challenge is to find the toughest route and scale it in the least possible time. However, it provides equipment like rope, gloves, hooks, helmets and harness to the climbers.

How: Paragliding is a combination of hang gliding and parachuting. In parachuting one has to jump from an aircraft whereas in para gliding one has to run down hill.
When: The best time for participating in paragliding is summer season.
Where: Basically famous for its glaciers & snowcapped Mountains and winter festival, Solang Valley and Deori Ghat provide just the right kind of slopes for paragliding

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