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  Life Is A Music
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Author: Anonymous
Submitted: 05.24.09
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      INTO THE WILD 1.What is the movie about?(try using WH questions.) Ans. In this movie “into the wild” the director show the character of the boy christopher which he has been graduate from the university and he got the money as cash price for his charity after his graduation and he take that cash price burn out by himself and he would think to leave his home and he decide himself to stay his life on his own and to stay away from the society. And to live his life in a better way. It also tries to prove himself to keep away for the society and to live in peaceful life by where he goes into the wild nature. He make his own food and he goes around and around place by which in meet different type of people and he works with them and they explain what wrong are their in these society. He kills to have raw flesh of the animal. It also tells about how the animal which they live in wonderful .but we the human nature of the society to kills them and they eat as flesh of it. He has also maintained his secret dairy in which he writes all things done through this day. Then he moved into another place and he gets the observation through which people staying and tell him about how the society were people staying. This boy Christopher used to love with adventures life and used to happy with that kind of life. McCandless finds joy in living off the land and begins to write a book of his adventures. As the spring thaw arrives and he seeks to return from the wild. In the forest he finds the bus which he called as magic bus. In which he spends is time and thinks about the future for his life. 2.What do you mean by exploratory research? Ans. Exploratory researchis a type of research conducted because a problem has not been clearly defined. In this type of research it means that to give good collection of data and to conduct and explore in the better way. It also helps to determine the research for design, data collection method and selection of subjects. Which give its fundamental nature, exploratory research often concludes that a perceived problem does not actually exist. In this research it helps to together preliminary problems and to could define various problems about that topic. It often relies on informal discussions with consumers, management & employees. 3.Conduct an exploratory study to find out about the inspiration for the movie. Ans. In this movie “into the wild” it inspire that about the movie that boy Christopher would leave to his life in his own way and he got cash prices money from his father for being graduated in the whole college for his charity but he taught that by living this kind of life to live his life in the better. This movie tells us about how the life cycles goon changing. And he tells by achieving most the certificate from your college after completing our studies most of tells to jobs and some people have their own property. But in this movie Christopher tells that life is different kind to which it’s very difficult to achieve to your certain goals. There are many options to choose your career but to achieve it we have do lot of hard work. in it. it’s your life and you have decided your own way life. This movie it inspire about the Christopher that how he has achieve his life by living in different way to prove himself to live it. After graduating him has got cash price for his charity but burn out that cash price and he decides to live himself by in his own way of life .he moved himself to live life which is different form this society. He used to live life in the wilderness by which we got attract towards adventures life. It also explain that by living into this society why can’t we our life by our own way. KRISHNA SINGH YADAV KH2007IHM117 S.Y.B.A.IHM

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