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Music History In Ballybunion



How to Send an Email & add an Attachment
    • Connect to Internet Explorer

    • Enter E-mail provider e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc.

    • Enter Your E-mail Address

    • Click the Compose New Message

    • Enter Recipients Address and Subject

    • Enter Message into Body of E-mail as usual

    • Click the Add Attachment or Paperclip icon

    • Browse files to find file

    • Click on the File Name you want to send

    • Click the Attach Insert button

    • Click the Send button to finish

Advantages sending an Email

    • Saves Time

    • Saves Money (no postal fees)

    • Easy way to keep in contact with friends and family abroad

    • Send and receive documents, music & pictures

Disadvantages sending an Email

    • Getting a Virus by receiving a corrupt Email

    • Receiving Spam and other unwanted Junk Mail

    • If no connection to the Internet you cannot read your mail

Sending fax Message

1. Place original(s) face downwards in the input tray.

2. Enter fax number. (International and area codes to be entered also at this time)

3. Press the start button. The fax machine dials the number.

4. When the receiving fax machine connects the page(s) are then scanned through the transmitting fax machine.

5. At the end the outgoing fax machine prints out a transmission report. This is important. The transmission report gives the details of the time and date of the transmission, the receiving fax machine’s number, the number of pages sent and whether the transmission was successful or not.

The transmission report should then be attached to the original fax sent, this is for your own records.

If there was any errors in the sending fax the transmission report should also print out the page(s) so the sender can resend those pages again.
Advantages of sending a Fax
    • Saves Time

    • Saves Money (no postal fees)

    • Can send Fax Messages at…

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