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Music Definitions

Chapter 10:
Akan ‘   A large ethnic group f West Afric concentrated principally in the modern nation of Ghana
Drum speech ‘   Lingusitic use of certain types of West African drums in certain contexts, which is made possible by the use of tonal languages
Tonal language (e.g. Twi) ‘   Languages in which the meaning of words is determined not just by the actual sounds of their syllables, but also by the specific patterns of pitch, rhythm, and timbral inflection with which they are articulated. Many West African languages are tonal; so too are other world languages, including mandarin Chinese
Atumpan- a set of two large drums used by the akan for drum speech and also in other contexts (such as in the Fontomfrom royal music ensemble)
Polyvocality (in west African music)
Kora- 21-string Mande spike harp chordophone; jeli instrument. Sidiki, Toumani, and Mamadou Diabate represent one of the great lineages of kora players
Mande- Major ethnic group of western Africa, concentrated in areas of Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Guinea-Bissa, and Gambia. Principal subgroups are the Maninka (Mali, Guinea) and Mandinka (Senegal, Gambia)
Jeliya ‘   The artistic culture of the jeli, including its praise songs are instrumentall music traditions
Griot- covering a diverse range of African hereditary praise song/msusic traditions, including that of the Mande jeli.
African diaspora ‘   The dispersion of millions of people from Africa to other parts of the world, esp. the Americas, largely a result of euroamerican slave trade, at least initially. Today, the African diaspora is global in scope and its worldwide musical impact cannot be overestimated.
Fontomfrom ‘   Akan royal drum ensemble, featuring several drums and the gongon iron bell
Africanisms (musical) ‘   Readily identifiable musicaultural characteristics that are widely shared across sub-Saharan Africa and are prominent in music’s of the African diaspora as well.
Jeli ‘   A Mande griot. Most of the leading jelilu are descended from a…

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