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Kerzner Office Equipment (Research) Assignment


Kerzner Office Equipment (Research) Assignment
Shirley Naqui, Ray Pena, Brian Murphy, Lee Berlin
University of Phoenix
MBA 590, March 2, 2009

Parts Still Missing: Overall Analysis, Conclusion
Kerzner Office Equipment Research Assignment
    Kerzner Office Equipment is located in Charleston, South Carolina. It specializes in the manufacture and sales of high-end office furniture and equipment. Amber Briggs has the responsibility for organizing Kerzner’s 10th anniversary celebration. She was excited about this project because she would report directly to top management.   Briggs must understand the process by which a group can create positive synergy. Unfortunately, Briggs was not able to run a successful project kick-off meeting and she must now work toward building a team in which each team member buys in and understands the project mission and vision.
    Managing project teams can be a very tedious task. There are many concepts in this week’s reading that conveyed this fact. Effective leadership, ethics, and conflict resolution are just a few things that are necessary when managing a team. The Kerzner Office Furniture scenario detailed many issues that occur when managing a team of people with different backgrounds for a common purpose. Many companies have and will continue to face issues such as those faced in the scenario. Kerzner can evaluate and learn from similar experiences from other companies in various industries. Tem B will help create a rich source of research for Kerzner’s anniversary task force.
    Each member will benchmark two companies that faced specific issues related to those identified in the scenario and connected with the course concepts. We will then do an analysis of the key findings and compare them to the course concepts.

Key Concepts Analysis
      Recruiting team members
      Creating a team that can work together effectively is a challenging task for even…

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