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Glossary Of Forging Terms

|A GLOSSARY OF FORGING TERMS                                                                                                     |
|                                                                                                                               |
|Air-lift hammer — A type of gravity-drop hammer in which the ram is raised for each stroke by an air cylinder. Because the     |
|length of stroke can be controlled, ram velocity and therefore the energy delivered to the work piece can be varied. See also   |
|Drop Hammer and Gravity Hammer.                                                                                                 |
|Aircraft quality — Denotes stock of sufficient quality to be forged into highly stressed parts for aircraft or other critical   |
|applications. Such materials are of extremely high quality, requiring closely controlled, restrictive practices in their       |
|manufacture in order that they may pass rigid requirements, such as magnetic particle inspection.                               |
|Alloy steel forging — One made from a steel containing additional alloying elements other than carbon (e.g., Ni, Cr, Mo) to     |
|enhance physical and mechanical properties and/or heat-treat response.                                                         |
|AMS — Aeronautical Materials Specification                                                                                     |
|As forged — The condition of a forging as it comes out of the finisher cavity without any subsequent operations.               |
|ASTM (Specifications) — The American Society for Testing and Materials.                                                         |
|Auxiliary operations — Additional processing steps performed on forgings to obtain properties, such as surface conditions or   |
|shapes, not obtained in the regular processing operation.                                                                       |
|Axial rolls — In ring rolling,…

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