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Nick Hornby Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch is about being a fan. The book is about Nick Hornby’s life and football which is a big part in his life. He compares football with the things that happen in his life. The main character is Nick Hornby, at first he acts very immature but in the end he has really grown up. All he thinks about is football but after some time he notices football is not all in life but of course it acts on every part in our life. He is a fan of Arsenal, like many other Britanns.  
The book is also, in part, an exploration of some of the meanings that football seems to contain for many of us.
He writes about his time at Cambridge University and about his time as a teacher, which does not seem to be a happy one.
Every chapter is about a football game of Arsenal. He talks about their victories and also their failures. In every game he hopes that they win but at a point in his youth he thinks Arsenal is unnecessary. He is very frustrated because Arsenal does not win and that makes him feel bad. And besides he has to live his life and grow up. Many things in the book happen in the Stadium in Highbury, but some in his flat or in his parents’ house.
The minor characters are his friends and parents, his girlfriends and colleagues but they aren’t mentioned very often the book is really just about him and his development. The book is divided into three parts .
1st part: 1968 to 1975, 2nd part: 1976 to 1986 and 3rd part: 1986 to 1992
I think through the story Nick Hornby does not just grow up, he grows up and explores his mind that not only football is important.

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