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Bowling For Columbine

Bowling for Columbine

Is America a nation of gun nuts or are they just nuts?

One of the facts that stand out the most is the number of deaths caused by guns in America per year. America has 11,127 gun related deaths a year, followed by Germany with a low 381. As part of our English course at Chruchlands S.H. School we viewed Michael Moore’s award winning documentary Bowling for Columbine. I enjoyed this documentary as Moore aimed his camera directly between the eyes of the American culture, dealing with the problems of gun crime and gun control in this country.   Using the school shootings of Columbine in 1999, Michael Moore is successful in showing that America has a history of many gun tragedies and portrays the sense that America’s problems are out of control. Moore constantly refers to other countries such as Canada and their gun policies to back up his arguments for increased gun laws, also considering other countries have similar attitudes towards violence. Moore has used several successful techniques in Bowling for Columbine to present an insulting message on gun control in America. These techniques are composed of structure, visuals, and audio. Moore shows the viewer that fear drives people to violence and leaving America to still blame other factors for it’s out of control gun problems rather then facing the reality that the problem is self inflicted.

Using structure, Moore purposely positions scenes so that the audience can see both views on the topic being discussed. For example the scene leading up to “Shock rocker” Marilyn Manson’s interview starts off with two young boys clearly happy smiling whilst a voice over from Moore saying “Who is to blame?” This then leads into a montage of news reporters each zooming in at different times showing the viewer how all the experts had an answer.   Many different reasons were stated for example violent movies, video games, toy guns however these are so common all over the world, but why didn’t those other…

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