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Depending On The Richies Of His Glory

A Teaching from Eph. 3:14-21
Hymn:   On Christ the Solid Rock I stand…BH 283

The primary reason, and perhaps, the only reason for all of life and creation, is the Glory of God
This glory is the greatness, the expanse and the economy of Jehovah.
Everything he lives for in the realm of life and creation, everything he does and everything he chooses not to do derives its purpose and origin from his glory.

A.   What is the Riches of His Glory
The nature and composition of the glories of God is the Greek word Agape translated love in our English bible.   Every attribute of his is fitly connected together, inebriated and encapsulated by it. E.g. a piece of fabric from cotton threads.
Thus, the riches of his glory is actually the multidimensional expressions of God’s love.
But the word, love, is very limited in meaning and often ab-used in application.
Therefore, when we say love, think in terms of Agape.
Agape is the Attitude of deep and thoughtful respect, and concerned admiration in constant demonstration. [Jn 3:16, Rom 15:2-3]
God gives or acts according to [regulated or dictated by] the riches of his glory-no more no less.   It (love) forms the basis, the import or nucleus of the greatest and 2nd greatest commandments in the kingdom of God.

Two categories of people are in focus here:
The one who needs exposition of the truth, a removing of the veil for clarity and understanding for responsible action;
And the other who needs a breaking of the yoke which hinders fruitful action.

    ▪ This is the two-fold object of this teaching with a view to making the rest of your life the best of your life. Amen

How many here would gladly walk upon a grave?

B.   What is Depending on he Riches of His Glory?
In Depending on the riches of his glory, there is no option. There is no substitute. Without it there is no headway, no advancement, no success. Depending on the…

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