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Cooperation of HR-managers and supervisors

Table of contents

Introduction 3

Chapter 1 Cooperation by the development of Human Resource strategy 5
1.1 Problems occurring during the planning stage 5
1.2 Drawing up the Big Picture 5
1.3 Defining major directions 7

Chapter 2 Cooperation by drawing up the application for the staff recruitment 8

Conclusion 13

Literature used 14

Effective management of human resources in modern business means achieving business goals through people and is the responsibility of every manager of an organization. In the majority of companies detachment of activities, connected with management of personnel, in a separate function is regarded worthwhile. This, in its part, ensures more effective management of human resources in organization, because every activity in the organization must be ordered in an appropriate way and subjected to the achievement of strategic business goals.
The work of HR-manager   will be more effective if common cultural, material and spiritual values, common vision of the company’s strategy, corresponding to each other educational and intellectual levels will unite him and the head of the enterprise. In other way there will occur a situation in which HR-manager will be explaining to the head of the enterprise the advantages of his position, which will be an obstacle to further progress of their cooperation. As this situation takes place in a number of enterprises only the ability to persuade will help a human resource manager.
The main sphere of HR-manager and leading employee cooperation is the development of company’s human resource strategy. It’s also assumed, that the following may help to their cooperation :
• Personal readiness of HR-manager for fulfillment of tasks concerned with human resource management among which is also the development of human resource strategy.
• Solution of problems concerned with the cooperation with heads and owners of the company on the stage of strategy development.
• Personal…

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