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A Little Word In Kindness Spoken

A motion or a tear.
Has often healed the heart broken
And made a friend sincere.
A word, a look has crushed to earth,
Full many a budding flower.
Which had a smile but owned its birth,
Had blessed life’s darkest hour.
Then deem it not an idle thing,
A pleasant word to speak.
The face you wear, the thoughts you bring,
A heart may heal or break.

The poet is of the view that a kind and concerned word spoken can bring comfort to a broken heart. A gesture or a tear shed in sympathy can also win us a sincere friend. At the same time a harsh word and severe look has caused many hearts to wither away as the fresh blooming flowers which die on being mishandled. Otherwise they would have brightened our life’s darkest periods. Hence a pleasant word and a pleasant look are not ordinary things. They heal
Bottom line:
Always think before you speak because your words can either break a heart or heal IT. So always choose your words before speaking.

Deem – Think
Motion – an action, a move
a budding flower – in the earliest stage of flowering.
A blessed life – A life of goodness and peace.
Darkest hour – worst moments
pleasant word – a kind and loving word.

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