Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt: Advertising and Violence

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Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt: Advertising and Violence

By | March 2011
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In “Two Ways a Woman Can get Hurt: Advertising and Violence,” the author Jean Kilbourne describes how advertising and violence is a big problem for women. Although her piece is a little scrambled, she tries to organize it with different types of advertisement. Women are seen as sex objects when it comes to advertising name brand products. Corporate representatives justify selling and marketing for a product by how a woman looks. Kilbourne explains how the media is a big influence on how men perceive women. Kilbourne tries to prove her point by bashing on advertising agencies and their motives to successfully sell a product. Kilbourne’s affirmation towards advertisements leaves you no doubt that she is against them.

The author’s main argument is that women should not be treated as objects. Kilbourne’s purpose is to show how women are being looked at in degrading ways, and how men in the ads are looked at as superior to women. She used one ad, “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt”, and it has a photo of a razor and a photo of a man. This ad is supposed to be promoting shaving gel and portray how the shaving gel is supposed to save her from the razor. In Kilbourne’s perspective, she feels the man in the ad is probably a date rapist. The purpose of Kilbourne talking about the man as a date rapist is to show that certain advertisements portray as a violent threat to women. I think this is the wrong way to describe an advertisement. Kilbourne’s essay has a lot of opinions and no facts, but it does not give her the right to degrade an ad. Explaining ads with a feminist attitude does not always prove a point. The author’s emotions about women in entertainment seem a little personal because she is a woman. She has logic with the statistics and facts, but she still puts a lot of emotion to what she wrote about. Kilbourne felt a personal feeling towards this problem we have in the world about how woman are portrayed in ads.

The organization of how Kilbourne wrote was a…

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