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12Th Night Vs Shes The Man

Luke Anderson
Willis H. Eng-10
Effectiveness of The Viola Character
The character Viola played by Imogen Stubbs in “Twelfth Night: Or What You Will” is similar and different to “She’s The Man’s” Amanda Bynes. Both of these females played as men during the movie. Each actor had her strengths and weaknesses throughout their movies.
Bynes and Stubbs effectively portrayed a man through the Viola/Cesario character. Each actor changed their appearance in order to fool the other characters. The use of facial hair, a fake mustache in Stubbs’s case and sideburns in Bynes’s, helped to alter their appearance. A haircut gave Stubbs a more masculine demeanor. Bynes used a wig in “She’s The Man” to hide her long hair that would otherwise give her character away in a heartbeat. Each of them attempted to sound manlier by deepening their voice, but both of them, at some point or another, resorted back to her normal voice. In “Twelfth Night: Or What You Will,” the scene on the cliff where Duke Orsino and Viola/Cesario are pushing each other around, Stubbs’s character starts to lose control and begins to squeal like a girl, although the same thing happens to Bynes multiple times throughout “She’s The Man.” it is most noticeable when Malvolio, the tarantula, crawls into the room.
Stubbs and Bynes also have differences that make one better than the other as playing a male character. Stubbs is better at playing a male character mainly due to her facial structure. Stubbs’s face is not as full as Bynes’s face, making it more believable for it to be a man’s face. The clothes also play a part. The casual modern outfits Bynes wears are not as concealing as Stubbs’s military-like uniform, which would make anyone look like a top-notch gentlemen. The way each speaks sets the one apart from the other. Bynes tries to use some kind of stereotypical slang that hardly anyone uses anymore, easily noticeable and easy to tell that she is trying too hard to fit in. On…

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