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Alebrt Fish

This gentle-looking, benevolent grandfather cleverly lured children to their death, then devised recipes to eat them.   This cannibal model for Hannibal Lecter is a study in criminal psychology and a true enigma.   His wife thought him to be a wonderful husband and his children believed him to be a model father.   What inner torments caused him to drive many spikes into his pelvis and tell people that he looked forward to his execution?

Albert Fish is known for being one of the most vile pedophiles and killers of all time.   After his capture he admitted to molesting over 400 children and that he tortured and killed several others. Fish was a small, gentle looking man who appeared kind and trusting, yet once alone with his victims, the monster inside him was unleashed, a monster so perverse and cruel, his crimes seem unbelievable.   He was eventually executed and it is believed that he turned his own execution into a fantasy of pleasure.

Albert Fish was born on May 19, 1870 in Washington D.C., into a family which had a long history of mental illness.   His father died when he was about 10 years old and his mother could not take care of him so she sent him to an orphanage.   The orphanage was a place of brutality where he was exposed to regular beatings and sadistic acts of brutality.   He formed a relationship with a fellow boy who introduced him into the darkness of deviant sexual behaviors.   He lived there for about five years when he was then returned to his mother.   He had very little formal education and grew up learning to work more with his hands than his brains.

In 1890 he relocated to New York City and began his crimes against children.   Fish would lure children away from their homes, torture them in various ways including using a paddle laced with sharp nails, then rape them.   As time went on, the sexual fantasies he would act out on the children grew more fiendish and bizarre, and often ended in murdering and cannibalizing his young victims.


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