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  Biography Of Jefffery Leroy Ii
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Author: Anonymous
Submitted: 05.05.09
Word Count: 972

     SPC LEROY B DET “MONEY TRAIN” 20090312 BIOGRAPHY On January 12th, 1990 there was a great happening; the soldier you now know as “Specialist LeRoy was born and unleashed upon the world. As he was born 10 innocent souls were miraculously rid of leprosy, blindness, and the common cold simultaneously. The female parent to this young, handsome, awesome, striking, young child was known as Lisa LeRoy. Her male counterpart was named Jeffery LeRoy; yes he named himself after his son. The setting of this infamous tale was Montgomery County Hospital. This proper noun is located in Dayton, Ohio. From that point on the world will never be the same. Up until the 6th grade “Specialist LeRoy” honed his skill as the master of the universe, and all its vastness, in the city of Dayton, Ohio. However, he began to grow bored with this city and instructed his mother to move to the states capital, Columbus. The presence of “Specialist LeRoy” here was so great that the discoverer of America, North America, named himself after this city. He dwelled here and for long enough to give a name and a nick name to every star in the universe, even the one’s you don’t know about because you can’t them. When he completed this task he was just graduating from the 10thgrade. This was an amazing feat, but there can be no time to get complacent. He knew what he must do; he commanded his Father to move him to a suburb where every house was made of bricks: all white bricks, off white bricks, and white tan bricks. There was such a town located only 80 miles away (his Father probably googled it). In this town made entirely of bricks, “Specialist LeRoy” completed the 11th grade with supreme ease. During that summer though, he heard the call of duty and enlisted into the U.S. Army. Hooah. He went to basic and became a lean, mean, combat killing machine. Once his training was over you could say he went back to high school, but not really. This high speed Soldier only needed a credit and a half to graduate going into his senior year so he took this whole year to relax and chill and hang out and go to school just enough to not let the teachers know he had caught senioritis. After this he had to go back to his obligation to the country. So, he attended advanced individual training at 2nd Platoon A Co 369 Fort Jackson, SC. There he picked up technical knowledge of how to be a 44C. Once he mastered that skill he returned home to his reserve unit, 376th FMCo, where he was promoted to E-4 within months and switched to the regular Army. He was assigned to B Detachment 4th FMCo Fort Bliss, TX. Even though he told the civilian MEPS lady he wanted to go to Fort Hood. Here he has laid out certain goals, well not really goals. Goals are things you hope to achieve the things you classify as goals he thinks of them as what he will do he just hasn’t gotten around to them yet. During the next 5 years he will become an E-6, even if he has to change MOS’s to do it. Maybe even go Special Forces. If he decides to do that he will be an E-6 within before he graduates the year long course. Also he will start his breeding process. Maybe with more than one woman and only claim the cutest kids with good hair and nice eyes. He got that idea from his Father luckily he made the cut. Kind of like the movie 300. They actually ask him to play the part of King Leonidas, but he respectfully declined because he wouldn’t have missed Xerxes and that would have made the movie unrealistic. One of his long term things to achieve is to become the President of the United States of America. To achieve this he will follow in the footsteps of the Presidents before him except George Bush. He will attain his law degree and become a Congressman in the greatest state ever made, Ohio. He’s running in 2038; register and vote for him. Another long term thing to achieve for him is to take over and imperialize the entire world. By doing this he would then declare world peace and if somebody, anybody disagrees then off with their head flat out. Some may think my things that he will achieve are unrealistic, but he didn’t ask them what they thought and they will probably be the first ones walking around with only a neck. Though he has a lot to achieve he realizes without recreational activities he would go insane, or depending how you look at it: more insane. He also has things he does for fun. Some of the activities that he describes as fun are going out to the movies, clubs, basically anywhere that there are other people looking to have a great time. He enjoys spending time with friends, Austria and Anderson in particular however not limited to those two. Some may describe him as going crazy on the weekends but he doesn’t go anywhere without Favors. Favors makes sure he doesn’t do anything to end up on the blotter report. That aside he loves playing Guitar Hero, the greatest game ever made. The one movie he can watch 100 times a day and still laugh is SUPERBAD. The best line from that movie is, “I am McLovin”. Now that you’ve had a thorough look into the life of “Specialist LeRoy”, he wants you to look at all the aspects of yours and be less like yourself and more like him. Have a good day.

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