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Author: Anonymous
Submitted: 03.28.09
Word Count: 649

     Autobiography To Introduce Myself • My Chinese name is 詹雯詠 and my English name is Wendy. It is said that my Chinese name is named by my mother’s uncle and I was almost called 詠詠.My English name is from my English teacher when I was in the kindergartens. The reason why I was called this name is because 雯’s pronunciation is similar to “Wen”.I’m16 years old. In this age means I grow up and have to be more independent. I like to live in 蘆洲. It’s not like a city but like a country.I like to live in there. I am a student and studying is the most important thing now. I like to read, go swimming and go biking. I want to be a teacher since I was a child. But it is hard to find a teacher’s job at present. So maybe I will change my mind. • The Thing I Like to Do • In my free time. I like to go exerting including swimming, running and biking. I like to read books, too. I can get a lot of knowledge that I can’t get from textbooks. I also like to go outing with my family. There things all make me relaxed. And there are also some things I want to learn. I want to learn more different languages that I can communicate with people from other countries. I want to learn cooking that I can cook delicious food. I also want to learn piano and flute. Because I had learned these before. I want to make these prefect. My Family • There are 4 people in my family. They are my father,mother,and sister. My father and my mother are teachers and my sister is a student. My father is good at singing and calligraphy and he also like to do them. My mother likes to cook and she always cooks delicious food for us. My sister likes to surf the Net and listen to music. I think my father is prudent, my mother is gentle and my sister is clear. My family is just like common family. It is softly fragrant. We all like our family and hope we can be together forever. My Daily Activities • On weekdays, I like to wake up at 5:30 then I can eat breakfast and read some book or study leisurely in the morning. Then I go to school to begin a busy day. In the evening, I do the homework, prepare tomorrow’s test, preview, review and listen to the Studio Classroom. And go to bed at 11:30. From day to day it don’t have big change. On weekends, it is more colorful and abundant. My family like running, swimming or playing basketball in the morning. Sometimes we go to the movie, go shopping,eat a big meal or take a trip on the weekend. It is my daily activities. • My Best Friend My best friend is Daisy. She is a little chubby like me, but she is taller. She has big eyes and long straight hair. She is very cute. We were classmates in junior high school. The reason why we became the best friend is we are complementary on personality. I am shy and silence in a strange place, but she is active. She likes to tell some funny things to me. She always can make the atmosphere good. Everyone likes to be with her. We still keep in touch and go out to play sometimes. I think we can continue our friendship forever. We are always the best friend. What Are You Thankful For This Year? • I am thankful that father takes me to school every day. I am thankful that mother cook for me every day. I am thankful for teacher’s teaching. I am thankful that policemen catch the bad people. I am thankful that friends encourage me.

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