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Author: Anonymous
Submitted: 04.21.09
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     advertising |The means of communication between an organization and its target audience using space or time purchased in the media. |Fiona works in advertising, trying to persuade people to buy products or services. | | |target audience |A person or a particular group of people at |The target audience for the TV series are | | |whom something is directed, or for whom it is |young people aged 13 to 18. | | |intended. | | |billboard |A large sign, usually outdoors, used for |The agency estimates that one million drivers | | |advertising. |pass their billboards every day. | |campaign |A series of actions intended to achieve a |We are launching a campaign to promote the new| | |particular result. |product. | |commercial |An advertisement on television, radio, or at |The campaigns were designed to run as | | |the cinema. |television or cinema commercials. | |display |An attractive arrangement of objects for |For example in a shop: | | |people to look at or buy. |There was a wide range of goods on display. | |exhibition |A public event where businesses and other |Exhibitions and trade shows are expensive but | | |organizations show their products or services.|effective ways to promote products. | |media |The (mass) media are all the different ways of|The company is keen to get its views across in| | |entertaining or giving information to the |the media. | | |public and advertising goods, for example, | | | |television, radio, newspapers and the | | | |internet. | | |product demonstration |An act of explaining and showing how a product|We organize weekly, live product | | |works or how something is done. |demonstrations. | |product placement |When the market of a product arranges for it |Product placement in video games is part of a | | |to appear to be used in a film or television |new strategy by advertisers eager to reach the| | |programme, as a form of advertising. |young consumer. | |promotion |An activity such as special advertisements or |ABC has announced a joint promotion with | | |free gifts intended to sell a product or |Mullen. | | |service. |Collocations: seasonal promotion, promotional | | | |campaign, promotional price. | |public relations |The activity of telling a public about an |Good public relations is always good for a | | |organization, person, product etc. so that |business. | | |people think of them in a good way. |Collocations: public relations officer (PRO),| | | |public relations agency. | |publicise |To give information about something to the |Car makers are publicizing a new generation of| | |public, so that they know about it. |fuel-efficient vehicles. | |pop-up (menu) |In computing, a list of choices that is shown |Select the option you want from the pop-up | | |on the screen when the user requests it. |(menu). | |Relentlessly |continuously, without stopping. |The advertising industry is relentlessly | | | |inventive; that’s what we do. | |Sponsor |to give money to pay for a television |Eagle Star Insurance sponsored the charity’s | | |programme, a sport or arts event, training, |first TV campaign. | | |etc., in exchange for advertising or to get | | | |public attention. | | |Splurge |spend a lot of money. |And is it better to buy a series of ads on a | | | |specialist cable TV channel or splurge $2.2m | | | |on a single 30-second commercial during this | | | |year’s Super Bowl? | |Telemarketing |the practice of telephoning people in order to|Telemarketing can be used to update your | | |sell things. |client database. |

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