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Nintendo a leading force of innovation in the gaming industry has had breakthroughs with its line of Nintendo consoles: Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES) and Nintendo 64. It was until the latter that Nintendo had to rethink and innovate its approach to gaming. Sony had developed the Playstation and began using a different media to store games; the compact disc was a cheaper and better media for storage than the cartridge that Nintendo used. The CD was able to hold 700MB of data while the cartridge only held 64MB. The production cost experienced by developers was also substantial with the disc at $.10 and the cartridge at $25.00. Its innovation came with the creation of the Gamecube; a new form of gaming from the cartridge consoles that had been developed in the past. This system used small compact disc that used an optical drive, which allowed the developer to change the controller that was needed to play the game. This is the foundation of the Wii and its Wii remote. Nintendo’s problems with the introduction of the Wii were the lack of inventory to match the demand, the lack of features to compete with its competitors the PS3 and the XBOX 360. Nintendo also faces the lack of a market scope, a group of individuals that it is trying to sell its product to.
Nintendo named its console the Wii as a marketing ploy to make its consumers believe that the system would create a “We”, a group of individuals playing and enjoying time together. This held some truth in the overall marketing strategy; in the business side of things the developers or individuals that create the games that are played on the Wii lost their way and did not know what type of games to make or who to develop them for. The market is too broad to address. The Wii did differentiate itself from its competitors the PS3 and the XBOX 360 with the interaction that it asks from the individual playing the game. The Wii remote that controls the game is unique to the Wii; it uses the movement of the player…

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