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Music Analysis

Music Analysis Essay


      Hispanic, Chicano, Mexican-American and Latin-American are some of the words used to describe a person born in the United States and of Mexican decent.   I was born in the United States. My parents were born in Mexico and became United States citizens.   I am very proud of being an American and of my Mexican heritage.   An American, with Latino heritage, is to be an individual with two or three cultures. It generally means that we have the ability to speak two languages and have the advantage of being able to communicate with both English and Spanish speaking people. We also have very beautiful cultures in music, food, and dance, all of which are full of rich tradition.
      By far, family is the most valued part of being Latin American.   When I was growing up, I was always taught that family comes first.   We are nothing without family.   Through the good and the bad, family is there to support you, and you are there to support them.   My mother would tell me that I had to always appreciate family.   The love and respect that a Mexican family gives each other, I feel, is like no other.   There is respect that is demanded from children towards their elders and especially the mother. I knew that nothing was more important in my parent’s lives than their children. Family always loves you, when no one else will.
      I grew up in the Catholic faith, which traditionally, is the religion of the Latin world.   Later in life, I decided to become a Christian.   My family was not too pleased of this change in my life, because of the strong Catholic faith we grew up in.   Soon, they came to realize that my choice, to become a Christian, did not change my culture, or who I am.
      There are a certain set of values and morals that set the Latin American apart from everyone else. Not everyone is the same. Within every culture, there are people who hold their own values that set them apart from everyone else also.   That is what makes…

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