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Author: Anonymous
Submitted: 03.21.09
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     Learning Team Charter Team Member Information Team Member Strengths Inventory Skills, characteristics, and/or knowledge individual members can contribute (list by team member): Doris Dickerson ” Years of work experience and dealing with people, knowledge of business operations in many disciplines, research, good facilitator. Angela White ” Proficient in Microsoft applications, 18+ administrative skills, proofreading, APA format. Marjorie Cross-case management experience, team assignments/projects, research. What are potential conflicts that might arise among or between team members during this course? How will team members deal with these conflicts? 1) Not submitting the individual part of a group assignment on time causing stress to the other team members. (If a team member has an emergency and know they cannot make the deadline, they can contact another team member and switch out assignments for another week??) 2) Everyone needs to submit their best product to ensure the maximum success of the team. 3) Lack of communication with team members. We have to be open to all our team members ideas and opinions when trying to complete a group assignment. We should communicate all concerns we have to the team. Do you agree to use the Learning Team forum for your communications? Will you exchange phone numbers, and are calls OK? What days will all team members check into the team forum? Will you appoint weekly team leaders, or will you all contribute to each week’s assignment without having a leader, etc.? Doris agrees to using the Learning Team forum for our communications. My cell phone number is 832-385-3680 and calls are OK. Almost all days to check into the team forum is OK with me. I think having a rotating weekly team leader to facilitate that week’s activities is a good idea. Angela is agreement in the use of the learning team forum for communication. I am also available by cell phone anytime 636-544-6798. Marjorie is fine with using the Learning Team forum to communicate with my team members. I logon everyday to check my class forum and participate in class discussions. I have no problem rotating weekly team leaders for assignment. My cell phone is 732-570-6212.

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