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Ch. 5 Cinematography and Special Visual Effects p.124
Read Text Assignment: p. 124-184

Respond in complete sentences in a Microsoft Word Document>Name file>Ch. 5>Save file as>Microsoft Word Document or Rich Text.

  1. How does the visual image respond to film?   Explain
Visual image or any photography should not serve as an end in itself but as a means to an end. In short, visual image should only be to portraying the message or the natural of the film but never be to overpower the artistic of the film.

  2. How must we focus our points of view when watching films?
The first stage is sharpening our watching skills requires constantly considering the following questions for every segment of the film we intend to analyze:

        a. From what position and through what kind of eyes does the camera see the action?
        b. What effect do the position of the camera and its particular ways of seeing the action have on our response to the action?
        c. How is our response affected by changes in the point of view?

  3. Explain Director how we view the director’s point of view?
      The director is always manipulating our viewpoint in subtle ways. The film-maker chooses not only what to show us but also how we will see it. By photographing a scene from special angles or with special lenses, or in slow or fast motion, and so on, he or she imposes on the image a certain tone, emotional attitude, or style. We thus forced to react in a certain way to what we see, thereby experiencing the director’s point of view.

  4. What are the elements of cinematic composition?
        a. Vertical line suggest strength, authority, and dignity.
        b. Diagonal lines crossing the frame suggest action and dynamic movement-the power to overcome obstacles.
        c. Curved line denote fluidity and sensuality; composition that suggest a circular movement evoke feelings of exaltation, euphoria, and joy.
        d. Directing attention to the object…

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