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  An Inspector Calls
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Author: Anonymous
Submitted: 06.09.09
Word Count: 501

     Useful Quotes – “Inspector Calls” Birling: You ought to like this port,Gerald. As a matter of fact, Finchley told me that it’s exactly the same port your father gets from him. Birling: Good dinner, too Sybil. Tell cook from me. Sheila: Last summer????you never came near me. Birling: Crofts and Birlings???????. working together – for lower costs and higher prices. Birling: A man has to look after himself?????.But the way some of these cranks talk and write now, you’d think everybody had to look after everybody else.. Birling: (Eva Smith) was one of my employees and then I discharged her??????.I can’t accept any responsibility. I we were all responsible for everything that happened to everyone, it would be very awkward, wouldn’t it? Birling: Well, Inspector, I don’t see that it’s any concern of yours how I choose to run my business. Birling: If you don’t come down sharply on on some of these people, they’d soon be asking the earth. Gerald: I should say so! Eric: This girl – Eva Smith. Why shouldn’t she try for higher wages? Sheila: You talk as if we were responsible???? Inspector: (Eva) was out of work for the next two months?????she was feeling desperate????There are a lot of young women living that sort of existence in every city and big town in this country??? Gerald: We’re respectable citizens, not criminals. Sheila: I went to the manager and told him that this girl had been very impertinent????..How could I know what would happen afterwards?…………..I’ll never, never do it again to anybody. Inspector: (To Gerald) You think young women ought to be protected against unpleasant and disturbing things? Gerald: I met her ??.in the stalls bar of the Palace??Music Hall Gerald: All she had was a port and lemonade – or some such concoction???she hadn’t a penny and was about to be turned out from the miserable back room she had??I made her go to Morgan Terrace because I felt sorry for her??.. Gerald: I insisted upon a parting gift of money?..enough to see her through to the end of the tear Inspector: Public men, Mr Birling, have responsibilities as well as privileges. Mrs Birling: She (Daisy) was giving herself ridiculous airs. She was claiming elaborate fine feelings and scruples that were simply absurd in a girl in her position. The father????.had given her money but she didn’t want to take any more money from him???.As if a girl like that would ever refuse money! Inspector: (Eric) just used her for the end of a stupid, drunken evening, as if she was an animal, a thing, not a person. Inspector: One Eva Smith has gone – but there are millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us????..We don’t live alone. We are embers of one body. We are responsible for each other.

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