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Author: Anonymous
Submitted: 04.24.08
Word Count: 456

     Advertising is a paid form of communication transmitted through mass media. It is used to promote goods, services, ideas, issues and even people. There are many different forms of advertising: newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboards, e-mail. One very effective form of advertising is print advertising. There are certain features that must be met in order to have a successful ad. There must be a catchy, attractive headline. The headline is what catches a person attention. This is the most critical part of the ad. There must be a body, which describes the features of that particular product or service. Next, is the call to action. This is where the information on where to purchase the product is placed. There is usually a web address, the company’s address and a phone number. The ad that attracted my attention most was for a tea company, called Mount of Olives Treasures. The first thing I immediately noticed was the color; it made the ad very attractive. The company sells eight different flavors of tea. Each flavor is a different color hexagonal box. This ad seems to be targeting the older population, especially those of Israeli background. The brand name is Mount of Olives, which is a very hold place in Jerusalem. This product would be best targeted to a customer, who has religion as major part of their life. This ad could also be targeting a health conscious tea drinker. It seems like a very healthy tea. The headline of this ad is” Teas to uplift Mind, Body, and Soul…” This is a very catchy headline. Reading made me feel very relaxed. This ad portrays the teas as being a very natural and very good for you. They list a few of the ingredients and their functions. For example, “Grape leave- studies show that grape leaves are a powerful antioxidant and work to protect your heart.” This ad is very straight to the point. It is very eye catching. I bought one of their teas, the Sweet Apple Spice. It was a great tea. I was not aware of this brand of tea. After seeing this Ad I thought wow, I should try this it sounds really good. It did meet my expectations. If I had seen this product in the supermarket, I might have jus skipped right though it. But, after seeing this ad, it made me more aware of the product and its benefits. There was something that this ad was missing. It had no location or contact information. I was unsure where of where I can purchase this product and who would I get in contact with if I have a question or need help. Besides that, this ad is a well developed ad.

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