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  Dubai Port World
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Submitted: 05.09.08
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     Dubai Port World Term Paper I- Organizational Foundations: Vision and Mission: Dubai Port World has a very broad vision which mainly aims on positioning itself as a well known global port operator by expanding its port terminals portfolio around the world and allow the countries it positions itself into to become major players as global trading paths. DP World will reach their goals by attaining certain activities such as best quality service to their clients and motivation towards their employees making them a high performance organization, which will be discussed later. DP World places its vision and mission statements as following: Vision: Our vision is to be the Port of Choice for our customers in each of our locations. To excel in operations, sales and customer service to our clients and to enhance the position of the local communities and countries in which we operate as gateways for global trade. Mission: Our mission is to provide world-class port services and to be a global player in operating and managing ports. We will provide value-for-money, high quality services to our customers through motivated and innovative employees. Our people will be empowered to make optimum utilization of modern facilities, technology and resources while ensuring a reasonable return on investment. Corporate Responsibilities: At DP World responsibilities as a business leader and employer are taken very seriously. DP World commits to creating a safe and secure workplace and invests heavily in training and development at all levels so that their employees can learn new skills and develop their careers within the organization. DP World also invests in supporting employees’ families and the wider communities they belong to. A successful terminal enables the economy of an entire region to grow. For example DP World believes that for every job within a terminal, there are up to five created in the regional economy. DP World is also engaged in activities to limit the environmental impact of its business operations, particularly by employing industry-leading techniques to reduce the consumption of resources such as electricity and diesel oil, and reusing and recycling where possible. Thus, DP World has created a Safety & Environment Policy (attached to this report). Organizational Structure: DP World’s organizational structure was redesigned using process reengineering when it decided to become a global competitor and a MNC (Multinational Corporation). Its organizational structure resembles that of a multidimensional one because of its many branches allocated around the world each having its own hierarchy but all operate under the head management located in Dubai. DP World redesigned its structure to improve its performance as global operator and to innovate employee’s way of thinking. II- Globalizing DP World: In the past couple of years DP World has a acquired many ports in Hong Kong, Seoul, England, the Bahamas etc. The biggest acquisition is that of P&O; worth a lump sum of money. DP World implements its plans in becoming a global company by negotiating with other ports and acquiring their operations to expand its portfolio leading to a vast network of interconnected branches around the globe. Organizational Learning and Employee Training: One of the main factors that DP World has concentrated in while going global is employee training and increasing organizational learning. DP World sends many of its national employees overseas to gain experience in a global environment. DP World trains such employees on behavioral and cultural aspects of the country they are going to. Such training includes body gestures of the culture they might face, language and day to day behavioral; handling of problems with other people. For example, Sultan Najem, a Dubai national that works for DP World was sent to Romania recently; before going to Bucharest, Sultan was taught how Romanian deal with misunderstandings and what steps go the general public usually take to resolve them. Such training is vital in creating a global manner in employees. DP World also trains its domestic employees to become more volatile and flexible when it comes to communicating with their other branches around the world. For example, employees of the container logistics department are given courses in Korean inventory systems which are currently being used in Seoul. Such organizational learning is important to maintain DP World’s position as a global company and to allow faster flow of information with the organization hence increasing productivity. Organizational goals in a global point of view: DP World has created a huge expansion plan in the couple of years. It currently has port operating in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. By 2009, DP World intends to acquire major ports from India, China, Vietnam, Argentina, Turkey and the UK. Due to a highly competitive marker DP World is adjusting to its new global position. It’s a great challenge because DP World turned into a global corporation between night and day not through decades as other companies would do. DP World as well plans expansions in its domestic portfolio. III- DP World as a High Performance Organization: HPO Aspects: DP World mentions the importance of having an empowered workforce to reach its goals in its mission statement. Due to DP World’s choice in its employees it owns a great amount of intellectual capital. Most of DP World’s managers have experience in the port management for more than 20 to 25 years. Emphasizing on its intellectual capital makes DP World a high performance organization. DP World creates teams that occasionally travel aboard to DP World ports around the globe to check upon their operations and management needs. Such teams will have their own head that self direct their actions and decisions. For example, the Seoul team that traveled from Dubai in September makes sure all operations are going smooth in Seoul, all errors or mishandlings are dealt with on the spot by the team’s leader; later on, the team provides feedback to DP World’s HQ. Another main HPO component in DP World’s structure is Total Quality Management (TQM). DP World has a huge R&D; department. In R&D; managers tends to find solutions in improving customer expectations such as taking less time in inventory checks, customs checkpoints, communication systems with ships etc. Environment Challenges: DP World is highly influenced by external environment factors mainly because it’s a global company. Its environment is a very open system. Such challenges include legal and customs obstacles. DP World continuously improves its branch’s policies to meet other countries’ policies. A great example would be its security policies once acquiring P&O; which owns six major ports in the United States of America. DP World had to also adjust its internal integration to meet such demands. By such, appointing a whole department for foreign security policies and communicating with their foreign counterparts to maintain a facilitated flow. Domestic employees being sent abroad from DP World to other branches around the world also required a great amount of time to adjust to greater tasks as a minor group of domestic minds resisted the change in DP World as it went global. Such changes were managed accordingly. IV- DP World’s Workforce: Respect to Culture: DP World’s workforce currently consists of over 35 nationalities. One of the most interesting aspects of DP World is managing all sorts of mentalities such as providing occasional holidays to each of its employees according to their cultures and beliefs. For example, Indians celebrate Diwali during mid-October; DP World respects such religious occasions and allows a certain amount of its Indian Hindu employees to take a day or two off for Diwali celebrations. DP World manages its gaps of workforce during such times by training other employees to effectively take their tasks. A Balance Within: DP World provides a comforting atmosphere to its diverse workforce but also manages and trains them to accommodate to the organizational atmosphere so that goals can be attained. For the outstanding individual who wants more than just a job, DP World offers unique career opportunities. It demands a high degree of commitment, reliability, ingenuity, a positive attitude and team spirit. DP World as well offers career development, a harmonic working environment, challenging responsibilities, and extensive support from other team members. Some of the main skills DP World look for in UAE nationals for training before employment are: • Young, energetic and confident • Willing to learn and develop • Provide commitment to your own long term career goals as well as DP World’s • A good standard of spoken and written English

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