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Yr 11 Journey Essay

The concept of journeys can vary from person to person; literally a journey is a progression, either physically, mentally or spiritually. Journeys come under five main titles, inner, spiritual, imaginative, emotional and physical. Practically all texts contain one or a combination of these journeys. Les Murray, an Australian poet, has a very strong concept of journeys throughout his poems. Through the use of such techniques as figurative language and film a composer can express their individual concept of journeys.  

Les Murray’s poem “Widower in the Country” is a mixture of a physical and emotional journey which traces a mindless, daily routine of a grieving widower. Les has presented his idea that a physical journey can mask a deep emotional journey by using such techniques as repetition. The repetition of “I” is used to show how the widower is withholding his grief by continuing his life in a lonely and mechanical way. The point of view being from first person really captures the tone, mood and theme of this poem, “I’ll get up soon and leave my bed unmade.” From this poem and “Driving through saw mill towns” I believe Les Murray’s concept of journeys is that there is no set scaffolding; a journey is essentially what you make it, no matter the size or the disguise.

“Bridge to Terribetha,” directed by Gabor Csupo, is a marvelous film adapted from a novel which explores the teenage imagination and the battles of losing a close friend. Within the film the protagonist endures physical, imaginative and inner journeys. The imaginative journey has been presented through the make-believe world of Terabithia which comes to life for the audience with the use of cunning special effects. The physical journey is shown through numerous camera angles which include, panning and establishing shots, the most significant physical journey would be the crossing into Terribetha. The inner journey is explored after the death of Leslie, Jesse’s best friend. It’s an inner journey…

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