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Crash Movie

A. 1.   “Crash” is a story about several different people of different races who interact with each other over a two day period in Los Angeles.   The film deals with how all these different people act toward one another and how ones actions can affect another regardless of the color of their skin.   There are many different characters with unique personalities that appear in the movie, including a racist, veteran cop and his fresh, rookie partner; a corrupt politician and his snotty wife; a black couple that was harassed by the white cop; two black thieves who steal their way to the top; a black police officer (with a Latino partner/girlfriend) who tries to do the right thing; a Persian struggling to keep his store running; and a Mexican locksmith who tries to hide his daughter   from the ghetto they live in.   All these characters intertwine with each other to make a compelling story.
B. 1.   I guess you can say that the cultural stereotypes were accurate, but that is only if you want to believe they are true.   A couple of examples of the stereotypes in this film would be: Mexicans are poor and park their cars on their lawns; black people are criminals who use their guns on innocent people, have weird, exotic names like “Sheniqua” and always complain about the way they are treated; all Middle Easterns are terrorists and react with violence; Asians speak broken English and are hard to understand; and white people are ignorant to other cultures and are either corrupt politicians or racist cops that hurt people.
2.   I thought the film was completely accurate with the stereotypes that are used today about particular cultures.   Even though most of the movie is about the relationship between the blacks and the whites (most of the cast is either black or white), I thought the movie did a great job with mixing the other races in too, as it shows that everyone has pretty much the same opinion on stereotypes as everyone else, regardless of race.   I don’t necessarily agree with…

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