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Movie Analysis
      In The Sandlot a movie about nine boys and the one thing that is important to them: baseball. Sure, they learn about togetherness, bravery, self- improvement, and all that goofy stuff, but baseball is the glue that connects this group. Their dreams end at the center-field fence. Scotty Smalls is a neighborhood new kid with the worst possible self-esteem he calls himself an ”egghead” who not only can’t throw or catch a ball, but doesn’t even know who Babe Ruth is, even though is though is stepfather, Bill had a prized baseball autographed by the Bambino. Since Bill can never seem to find time to teach him to play catch, Scotty joins eight kids on a sandlot junkyard. From the first pitch Scotty is horrified, but enter Benny Rodriguez the group’s hotshot leader. With Benny’s help, Scotty quickly picked up the game.
      These kids play all day, every day, until one of them knocks the ball out of the park.. Lurking outside the center-field fence is ”the Beast,” an untamed mastiff who, according to local legend, has eaten 173 kids and more than 150 baseballs. One afternoon Scotty borrows his stepfather’s autographed ball. Of course, one homer and it’s going, going, gone into the jaws of the Beast. At that point, the boys face the Big Life Challenge, testing their resourcefulness by trying to retrieve the ball with a broom handle, and erector-set gizmo and finally a daisy chain of vacuum cleaners. Nothing works, of course; the Beast chomps each contraption easily. Finally Benny, inspired by the Babe in a dream, decides to confront the Beast himself because, as the Bambino tells him, ”Most people get one chance to do something great.”
      The Sandlot’s bases are loaded with fundamentals of baseball, but they never overshadow the best shared moments of boys’ life: camping out in the woods, telling horror stories, tricking an attractive lifeguard into giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and a gross-out experiment with chewing tobacco. Not…

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