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A Review Of Cctv And The Control Room Architecture: Supporting The Development Of Open Citizen Centric Cctv Services

A Review of CCTV and the Control Room Architecture
Supporting the Development of Open Citizen Centric CCTV Services

By Mark Lizar
June 20, 2009


A critical review of CCTV in the UK illustrates that CCTV was funded as a way to reduce crime and increase safety.

CCTV research was carried out in a Home Office Research Study 292:Assessing the impact of CCTV which was authored by Martin Gill and Angela Spriggs in February of 2005.   The comprehensive 176 page research study by perhaps the leading expert in this field in the UK explains, “that the contexts in which CCTV systems operate are very variable, as are the systems themselves. Early research did not account for this, in fact CCTV can appear to be a simple measure to implement, but this is far from being the case in reality. This report provides invaluable information to assist in developing the full potential of CCTV systems.” Gill & Sprigs, 2005, p.IV)

In Britain, CCTV is the single most heavily funded non-criminal justice crime prevention
measure. Over the three year period of 1999 through 2001, the British government
made available �170 million for 352 CCTV schemes in town and city centres, car parks, crime hot-spots and residential areas during round two of the initiative by the Home Office Policing and Reducing Crime Unit, 2001. In previous years (1996 through 1998), CCTV accounted for more than three-quarters of total spending on crime prevention by the Home Office (Koch, 1998, p. 49).

Dr Chris Kershaw Program Director at Research Development and Statistics (RDS) at the Home Office, believes that this study represents a major advance in knowledge about CCTV.(Gill & Sprigs, 2005, p.1) This research clearly represents an analysis of how effective CCTV systems are to reduce crime as recorded by the police and reduce the fear of crime.

The authors of this study report that in only one context has CCTV been a ‘powerful tool’ in combating crime and that is in a car park.   In…

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