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Dream Job

Heather Bergenn was born and raised in Astoria New York the home of a famous singer Tony Bennett who she admired while growing up. The New York City Administrative for Children Services offered Heather to join their company as one of their newest social workers. Social workers provide services by protecting children, helping them in various situations and make sure they are placed in good homes.
Heather attended William Cullen Bryant high school where she graduated and decided that it would be best that she took a break before starting college to see what she wanted to be. She got a full time job working at day care center as an assistant where she spent four years at and decided she wanted a career in working with children. She thought that it was time for a second chance in getting her education so she attended Kaplan University for two years and got her Associates degree in Applied Science in Criminal Justice. Then she continued for another two years to get her Bachelor’s degree in social work.
Heather attended an internship for two years in a small company for children services in Jamaica New York where she volunteered and performed 900 hours six days a week. She learned and experienced multiple cases of child abuse, neglect, foster kids, adoption cases and runaways. Heather than focused on what a social worker does, what they go thru, how many different cases they get in a day and decided that she wanted to continue with this career. So Heather obtained her licenses and registration from the National Association of social workers after performing 900 hours of volunteer work at the children services. She is looking forward to what happens next and as well working with the children that are dealing with issues at home and are very scared to tell somebody.
The New York City Administrative for children services in Manhattan New York is looking forward in Heather joining their team in the fall as one of their newest social workers. She is looking forward…

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