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Lucille Ball

Baggett 1

Mallory Baggett

English III

Mrs. Miller

17 March 2005

The Life Story of Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball was known for her comical personality. She was a great person. She could always make anyone laugh. She was known as one of the most famous people of her lifetime. She was known for many accomplishments throughout her life. She was well-known and admired by many.
Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, New York in 1911. Soon after she moved to Montana with her mother. A few years after her father Henry died, Dede remarried to a man named Ed Peterson. A month after being married, she left Lucy’s hometown for Detroit in search of a job. When Dede left for Detroit, this meant leaving Lucy and her younger brother Freddy behind. Lucy stayed with her stepfather’s parents and Freddy stayed with his real grandparents. Lucy became shy when she moved in with the Peterson’s. At the age of fifteen Lucy quit school. She then moved to New York City and attended Robert-Minton-John Murray Anderson school of drama. After attending there for a short time, John Murray Anderson told Lucy it was not working out. After drama school did not work out, Lucy moved back and forth between Jamestown and New York City. Lucy recieved a good bit of her education from Chatauqua Institute of Music in New York City.
Lucy had a fairly close relationship with her parents. Their names were Desiree Hunt Ball and Henry D. Ball. She became very close to her grandparents because her father died at a young age. This caused a lot of stress and pain in Lucy’s life. It also made her a very strong person.
Lucy was not only a successful actress, but also had some success as a fashion model and chorus girl. She modeled dresses for a designer named Hatter Carnegie. She also made a hit on the radio with a show by the name of “My Favorite Husband”. This later became a popular television show starring Lucille Ball as Liz Cooper, a ditzy housewife. While appearing in small…

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