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  Laws Of Life
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Author: Anonymous
Submitted: 05.12.09
Word Count: 664

     Hamm 1 Isaih R. Hamm Mrs. Rosolino Honors English 22 January 2008 Laws of Life Most kids who submit there essays to the laws of life contest have a passionate story on how strong they are, or how a loved fought for them in some form or fashion. My story is a little more personal and it doesn’t necessarily have a good ending. All my life I have played sports, gotten straight A’s and B’s, been on the honor roll plenty of times, and I even got a letter from the president of the United States. I was home before dark. I listened to my parents. I did everything I was supposed to do, until I got to high school. Just like my past years my parents expected nothing less then what I had been achieving. So not thinking twice about it my parents let me play one of my favorite sports football. And as the first semester came by I did just fine nothing out of the usual. But as the second semester came by I was playing soccer my other favorite sport, but I had slipped up, my grades were below par and my parents didn’t like it one bit. And because of this my parents threatened to not let me play sports. I couldn’t let that happen sports are my life. They make me happier than any party, item, or female. When I play sports I can relax and forget about all the troubles from school and troubles at home. When I play sports I feel free. And at the thought of losing that freedom I buckled down and brought my grades back up to par. Promising my father that I wouldn’t slip up again, he let me play football for a second year. Now this semester I really slipped up. Thinking in the back of my head that no matter what I did during the semester, I could always buckle down and bring my grades back up at the end like last year, I slacked off. In fact I slacked off so much that it was to the point that even though I buckled down at the end, it was still too late to bring my grades to the high standard that my parents have for me and that I have for myself. But as I looked to god I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. So as the football season came to a close, I had brought my grades up to a mediocre standard. Saying to myself “lesson learned” and that I know that there is no “safety net” for my grades. Also saying that I know I can’t rely on acing finals and making up work at the end of the semester to get good grades. I have been striving from day one of this semester to keep my grades up to the standard that my parents and I are used to. And since I broke the promise to my father that I wouldn’t slip up again. He has decided to not let me play soccer or any more sports this year. This has made my life miserable. I know the role of a student-athlete is to be a student first and an athlete second, but I need that athlete aspect in my life. I need something to take the stresses of school and daily life. I need the rush and adrenaline you get from playing sports. I need to be free. The only thing that keeps me happy is two of my good friends. They may or not know it or not but without them I don’t know where I would be. But knowing that I can’t play sports, and that I have nothing to look forward in my life, I have to look to my friends for help. And I also have to keep looking up to the “Big Guy” upstairs.

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