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  Riverdance Review
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Author: Anonymous
Submitted: 03.27.09
Word Count: 516

     On Saturday January 17, 2009 my husband and I went to the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center in Orlando to see the farewell tour of Riverdance. I must admit I had a preconceived notion of what the show would be like but I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of the dance genres. Yes, it did have its dull moments however it managed to keep my attention. It transported me back to the days when men wore top hats and women wore long dresses for a special night on the town. The charm of the Irish-inspired music and the snap of the modern helped me to get into the spirit of the event. As far as the performance goes, it went flawlessly. Riverdance is well rounded it doesn’t go over the top, it shows you a good mix of what Irish dancing is, what it can be and shows how it compares and contrasts with other forms of Dance. If you’ve seen Riverdance on television it is nothing compared to seeing it live. This is a troupe that knows its stuff. The performers really connected with the audience and gave their all. And they aren’t limited to the traditional Irish dance, nor is this a performance just for those who enjoy dance. The band provides an excellent counterpoint with their combined pieces as well as their solos. Russian dance, Spanish, and a tap number that I had never seen before are also there. Madrigal music and the singers provide an additional layer of entertainment. Riverdance has gone more high tech now, too, with projections to set the scene, such as the rocky structures of ancient times, the Norman columns of less ancient times, or the pastoral scenes indicating the failure of the land, leading to a mass migration out of Ireland. As the story travels from ancient Celtic mythology, to the emigration, to the New World the heart of Riverdance is its dance numbers. The now-familiar straight upper torsos and the precise furiously tapping feet are never more spectacular than when all dancers are stretched out across the stage in a chorus line. There is also a mic along the edge of the stage so all those taps are amplified to get the most out of them. Riverdance also demonstrates the similarities of Irish dances with and influences on other cultures. The fact that the show continues to draw and excite audiences 15 years after its debut is a tribute to every dancer, singer, musician, staff and crew member who have dedicated themselves to the show. It gave me an appreciation of the discipline and hard work that all of these performers put into the show just to give us a few hours of entertainment per night. It also helped me see and understand what life was like those many years ago in Ireland. What kind of entertainment they use to indulge in and how the world seemed so simple and carefree to me back then, then it is now. Overall all it was a great night and a wonderful show. Count 511

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